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ONE KEY To Succes

One Key Distribution offers a carefully chosen range of IT solutions to help grow your business. We partner with an ecosystem of 800 resellers throughout the entire sale process, focusing on our customers' needs while developing effective strategies and designing high-quality and scalable solutions. Our team has more than 25

years of experience in software reselling and hardware distribution. Contact us to learn more.

ONE KEY Differentiators

  • Software reselling abilities with more than 25 years of experience. Skilled negotiations with the manufacturers on behalf of the customers, based on volumes, complex contracts, tailored solutions;
  • Hardware distribution with almost 30 years of extensive experience, both domestic and international. Volume-based negotiation and incredibly good positioning in front of manufacturers;

  • Associated with a group of companies with competencies and dedicated resources in project integrations, software development, cloud services, with total revenue of EUR 50 million and 40 employees;

  • Excellent knowledge of the local and global IT&C market;

  • Extensive ecosystem of partners with skills in designing and implementing complex and customized IT solutions;

  • Pay for Performance Programs (performance-based rebate with different levels of rebates based on specific solutions focus);

  • In-place logistic, with great experience in managing complexity and volumes;

  • Financial support for recurrent business and projects;

  • Top TIER Data Center with demo facilities;

  • Experienced multi-Vendor managemen

  • Available 24x7 Help Desk application based on Oracle iSupport.


Do you want to become our partner? We'd love that! Just fill in the contact form and we'll come back to you soon!

One Herastrau Office, 2nd Floor

30-32, Daniel Danielopolu Street
Bucharest, Romania

+40 372189823

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